How The Process Works

How the counseling process works

Initial consultation (1 hour)

This meeting involves a very thorough interview about lifestyle and eating habits, food likes/dislikes, food shopping/cooking and dinner venues. Patients are requested to bring in the appropriate food diary.

This should include food products consumed, approximate quantities (e.g., 1 cup, 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, etc.), timing of meals and symptoms experienced. Working together, you establish two goals to work on until the follow-up appointment based on discussion around the food diary and health history submitted.

1st Follow-up consultation (1 hour)

During this meeting – which is scheduled within one or two weeks from the first appointment – Alexandra provides you with:

At this stage, she also provides specific information on food products available at major grocery chains, menu alternatives at restaurants and fast food outlets you frequent as well as simple menu ideas.

Follow-up consultations (1/2 hour)

During this follow-up session – scheduled within two weeks of the 1st follow-up and monthly after that – you provide feedback on the suggested menu plan and get a chance to ask any additional questions. During this session Alexandra also monitors progress of symptoms and goals, providing additional information on interpreting nutrition labels, additional recipes and food product alternatives. Throughout these consultations, Alexandra is actively involved in monitoring your progress and the resolution of symptoms. For this reason three to five follow-up sessions are strongly recommended.

Weekly email consults (20 min)

This service will help clarify any additional questions that may arise after consultations or if new issues come up related to the nutritional plan. It will also serve as guidance and motivation when needed to stay the course.

Forms of payment

We accept credit card payments (VISA, MASTERCARD), cheques or e-transfers. For credit card payments, please add a 2.5% service fee. If choosing e-transfers, you may send payment to